Road Accident Claims

“We can advise you on how much compensation you are eligible for and how long the personal injury claims process will take. It is important to have the best possible independent advice in order to assess the value and potential success of your compensation claim.

The term ‘personal injury’ covers a broad range of injury and accident types, from whiplash sustained from a car accident, to a broken ankle from slipping on a pavement, to cerebral palsy caused through medical negligence. A personal injury can be physical or psychological and can have long or short-term effects.

Personal injury claims can be complicated and time-consuming, but with the help of specialist lawyers like ourselves, the process can be made much simpler and quicker.
Making a claim can also be a step towards preventing the injury happening to anybody else. For example, a claim made following car accident on a dangerous blind corner may result in the authorities erecting mirrors to make the corner safer for other drivers, thus reducing the chance of a similar accident happening in the future.”

A person in a motor accident can claim for damages and costs.

Damages are compensation for the losses suffered in the accident. There are three types of damages – general damages, special damages, and bereavement damages:

General damages compensate the victim for pain and suffering as a result of his personal injuries. How much you can claim as general damages for your personal injuries depends on guidelines from earlier cases.

Special damages compensate the victim for expenses incurred, which can include the following items:

  1. Medical fees
  2. Transport costs
  3. Repair costs
  4. Substitute vehicle rental costs
  5. Loss of Income (pre trial and post trial)
  6. Survey fee
  7. LTA fee

Therefore it is essential to keep the original receipts for these expenses.

Bereavement damages are awarded to the family of the deceased, fixed at S$15,000 in total. (Section 21 of the Civil Law Act).

If the matter makes it to court, the judge or registrar will decide whether the defendant is liable for the claimed damages. He may also decide to slash the damages due to the contributory negligence of the plaintiff.

Costs refer to the legal costs incurred in making or defending a claim. If you lose a case, you may have to pay the costs of your own lawyer, in addition to the costs (or part of) of the winning party. For more information on costs, click here.”

Read more about how to make a claim from the Law Society website: Road Accidents